Out of nowhere, the Stranger Things Season Two Teaser is dropped.

Netflix certainly knows which side its bread is buttered on.

Not long after Stranger Things became a global phenomenon, they've released a teaser for the spooky series' second season, out next year.  

I want to adopt all of you. I have Eggos. 

I want to adopt all of you. I have Eggos. 

In my review of season one, I mentioned that I felt the series would be better served by an entirely new story in season two, but it doesn't look like they're going that route. Of course, the idea of spending more time with Mike, Will, Lucas, Dustin and of course, Eleven, doesn't sound all that bad. 

In the video, released today, all of season's two's nine mysterious episode titles are superimposed over a "Season Two" graphic that comes together in the same style as the now-famous Stranger Things title sequence, synth track and everything. 

I'm surprised to see a teaser this early for this show, given that Stranger Things just debuted over a month ago, but I suppose given that Daredevil premiered its seasons about a year apart, I shouldn't be. Netflix is undoubtedly trying to ride the hype, which is smart. I mean, I can't wait until 2017 now. That gives just about a year to dissect what all of these titles could possibly mean. Have at it, Internet. 

Either way, I guess I'll have to depend on witty t-shirts to tide me over until the second season premieres.