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Oh, hey. 

My name is Matt Grant, and I'm a writer.

I write about all kinds of things, from personal essays and investigative features to all forms of culture - books, movies and television

I'm also a staff writer at Literary Hub, where I write features and profiles on booksellers and bookstores

Need a copywriter or content marketer for your blog or website? Yep, I do that too!

Matt Grant has all things you want in a reporter: curiosity, attention to detail, a good sense of story, and the ability to do it all quickly and on deadline!
— Jonny Diamond, Editor in Chief, Literary Hub
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As an editor for a book review, I need writers who are nimble, fresh, creative, and intelligent, who can meet deadlines, accept editorial criticism, and revise their work with polish and sensitivity. In short, I need a writer like Matt Grant.
— Joseph Salvatore, Books Editor, The Brooklyn Rail
Matt has a wonderful way with words, transforming my jumbled ideas into clear, concise statements. I highly value his contribution as copy editor.
— Brittany Edwards, CEO, Sisterdo Haircare



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I can count on one hand the number of pilots that made me fall in love with a series right away. So with Firefly, Joss Whedon’s short-lived space western, I fully expected to need time to get into it—although as it turns out, the pilot was all it took. The bigger surprise, though, was that my love of Firefly would help me discover the love of my life.


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