Some Thoughts on Turning 31

My favorite spot at Brooklyn Bridge Park     made with Prisma

My favorite spot at Brooklyn Bridge Park    made with Prisma

In just under 2 hours, I turn 31 years old.

Growing up and having a birthday at the end of the summer was kind of of a bummer. I was always going back to school around the same time as my birthday. My friend Derek pointed out tonight that having a birthday at the end of the summer is fun, because it's like you have something to look forward to over the summer. As a child, though, it felt like the fun of summer had passed by the time my birthday finally came around. 

Now, though, I think Derek is on to something. The end of summer brings with it a sense of expectation as the nights turn colder and fall arrives. And going back to school is actually fun now, as an adult. 

I recently noticed that, perfectly dovetailing with my birthday, I only have three pages left in the journal I have kept since 2011. It's the first time I've ever filled a journal, so I figured now would be a good time to look back and re-read the last five years of my life. It's a long journal, and there's a lot there, but even from the beginning, it's not hard to tell that my twenties was a pretty difficult time. I was constantly disillusioned or frustrated over where I was in life, always wishing things were different. I'm sure I wasn't much fun to be around. 

I've heard a lot about your thirties being some of the best times of your life. You're supposed to be finally settling in to who you are, figuring out your career, maybe getting married and/or starting a family if that's your thing. Already, things are looking up. I'm happily married to an amazing woman, have a great job that I love, and I'm finally on the path to chasing a dream I've had since I was small: becoming a paid writer.

Yep, things look pretty good this side of 30. I'm excited to see where the next nine years take me.