Year in Review: The Atlantic's Best Movies of 2016

Photo credit: The Atlantic 

Photo credit: The Atlantic 

This week, as we round out the year, I'm away on holiday vacation with my in-laws in North Carolina. I'm taking a break from blogging and scheduled some posts ahead of time. 

I thought it would be appropriate, given that it's the end of the year, to share some of the best "Best Of" lists from 2016. 

Obviously I am not a full-time culture critic (although at times I wish I was), so I didn't put together my own list this year. I didn't feel as if I was up-to-date enough on what was current to really put together a best-of list. I read a lot and watched a lot, but not many things that actually came out in 2016. 

Anyway, first up this week, The Atlantic's list of the best movies of 2016, by movie critic Christopher Orr. 

Orr writes at the beginning of his piece, "Like the last couple of years (and in contrast to 2013), 2016 was light on great films but offered a solid share of good ones." Still, there's plenty on this top 12 list that I need to see: Moonlight, Arrival, Loving, and O.J.: Made in America. 

If you want to get started on some of the titles in this list right away, Zootopia and Sing Street are both currently streaming on Netflix! Enjoy!