The best part of everything always involves the kids from Stranger Things

Photo: E! News

Photo: E! News

The Emmys telecast on Sunday was mostly unsurprising. 

Veep and Game of Thrones won....again. The People vs. O.J. Simpson swept nearly every category it was nominated for. Jimmy Kimmel's monologue began with a tired video montage of him trying to get to the awards show (how many more of these are we going to have to sit through?) and his jokes throughout the night left a lot to be desired. 

He even stole Ellen Degeneres' bit from the 2014 Oscars, where she ordered pizza for the crowd. Kimmel spokes to his mom as she was surrounded by 7.000 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, saying he was going to pass them out to the audience. Just as I was about to roll my eyes, he mentioned that the kids from Stranger Things would be helping him pass them out. This made me immediately sit up at attention. 

Predictably, they were the best part of the entire night. I think Millie Bobby Brown coming down the aisle on her bicycle in that blond wig was worth the entire three and half hours or however long it was that came before it. 

But even better was backstage (or as they say in the TV business, "off camera") video that surfaced on YoutTube of the trio dancing to "Uptown Funk" before the show: 

Conspicuously missing were Will and Mike. I hope they aren't in the Upside Down again. 

Can these kids just host everything from now on? They make us all better people.