No more Friday Night Dinners...

Five weeks ago I had what at the time felt like a great idea to recap all 154 episodes of Gilmore Girls as Katelyn and I worked through them before the new season comes out on Netflix November 25. Today I'm abandoning the project. 

The reason is pretty much perfectly encapsulated in this post on the now-defunct Gawker on why television recaps have never quite caught on: they encourage bad writing, and they're not fun. 

Even from the start I could tell that my recaps were nowhere near what I wanted them to be. In order to get through ten a week, I would have to mercilessly write whatever I could just to finish them all by the Friday night deadline. There was very little time to actually analyze the show or go in depth into the meanings of the episodes or the characters inner motivations. I quickly found that I wasn't enjoying watching a show that I really love or writing, which I love even more. And since I'm not getting paid and no one's telling me I have to do this but myself, I decided to put my energies elsewhere. 

Plus, no one was really reading them, which I totally understand. They were long, and if you're not currently watching the show yourself, why would you care? 

It was an interesting experiment to be sure, and I'm sure it won't be the last time I either write about Gilmore Girls or attempt a longer-form project centered on television. It has helped me see the need to rethink the approach and come at the next project with a fresher perspective. 

Now I can enjoy Gilmore Girls again, and I hope you do too!