10 Books to Add to Goodreads ASAP

Source: www.nationalbook.org

Source: www.nationalbook.org

It's fall, and that means one thing: no, not changing leaves and apple cider, although we have both of those things to look forward to also. 

Fall means awards season, and we're already in full swing, with the Emmys this Sunday. 

But today, just in time for your fall reading list, the National Book Review's 2016 Longlist for Young People's Literature was announced!

I have to admit, I'm always way behind in reading what's new and current, and I feel like I'm still catching up on books from two years ago. But all of these titles look great, and I'm interested to see which ones make the finalist list in a month. 

Have you read any of these books? Do any of them look interesting? Let me know in the comments!