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Finally, people are holding Rotten Tomatoes accountable for its conspiracy against the film industry



I haven't seen Warner Brothers' new DC Extended Universe film Suicide Squad (out now), but it has to be good. I mean, it had an amazing teaser trailer. It has some bona fide star power - Will Smith! Margot Robbie! Jared Leto (OSCAR WINNING JARED LETO, YOU GUYS). It's about superpowered people, but super powered BAD GUYS instead of good guys, get it? 

But apparently, there's a vast conspiracy on the Internet by movie reviewers to hate on DC. How else can you explain the horribly negative reviews that have been coming out of review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes, surprising almost everyone? 

So of course it makes total sense that fans of the movie, before the movie has even officially been released, have started a petition to shut down the site. It's about time that the ownership for bad movie reviews gets placed on the critics and not the writers, directors, editors, actors and film executives themselves. 

Look, people, lots of people worked hard on this film, okay? Did I mention that Margot Robbie and Will Smith are in it? Did you know that Jared Leto pulled a Daniel Day-Lewis and didn't break character as the Joker on set? What do they have to do to get you to like it? Make it a good story with compelling characters, or something??

Why do movie critics have to do their jobs and hate movies so much? They did the same thing to Batman v. Superman! So what if that film was wayyyyyy too plodding, over-serious, and downright boring at times. IT WAS BATMAN AND SUPERMAN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. YOU HAVE TO LIKE IT! 

Maybe this shouldn't actually have been that surprising after all. I hope Rogue One isn't next. How much longer until this can all just be blamed on Zac Snyder and he can go away and we can get a new visionary to rescue this universe before it's too late? Although at this point, it may be a job even too big for Superman...

These poor bad guys are having a bad day. But not as bad as DC.

These poor bad guys are having a bad day. But not as bad as DC.

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