Here comes another Ring movie

I don't watch a lot of horror films - usually too violent for the sake of violence for my taste - but when I was in high school, The Ring straight up freaked out my seventeen-year-old self. Like, for real. I couldn't watch television for days. 

What I liked about the 2002 moviewhich was directed by Gore Verbinski (of Pirates fame), and was itself a remake of the 1998 Japanese film Ringu, was that it was more than just a horror flick. It is actually a pretty compelling mystery and thriller, as Naomi Watts tries to figure out the story behind the videotape that kills everyone who watches it after seven days. 

So since we can't have any more original stories, here's a new entry into The Ring saga, and it looks like that Samara is still up to all of her creepy climbing-out-of TV business. I never saw the sequel to the original, and to be honest I'll probably skip this one too. But it will be interesting to see if it makes the splash that the first one did fourteen years ago. 

Matt GrantComment