This definitely needs to be an Olympic sport

They're all keepers. 

They're all keepers. 

I've been watching a lot of the Olympics this year, and it's been great. Streaming events online at my desk at work while I answer emails and stare at attendance spreadsheets has been an optimum way to experience Rio. 

I've caught some of the sports NBC would never dream of showing in prime time, from fencing to trampoline to synchronized swimming. Trampoline in particular is really amazing. 

It seems like we have pretty much every sport imaginable covered by the IOC, but then JK Rowling fans made this suggestion on Twitter, and I knew we still had a long way to go when it comes to equality. Especially when it concerns our magical brethren. 

Look, we can't deny that Quidditch is a thing. We had a group at college called Potterheads Anonymous that played on the common, and many of us shook our heads and smiled. But they weren't the only ones who thought of it. There is now both a US and International League, and these girls and guys are serious. Leave it to athletes to ruin all of the fun of being a nerd. Still, looks like a lot of fun. 

I'd totally watch Quidditch on the Olympics. Although I think Britain might have an unfair of advantage.

Matt GrantComment