Finally, a reason to visit Brooklyn

“You’ve Got heart, kid. Where you from?”
— Captain America: Civil War

There's a borough in New York City called "Brooklyn" - I'm not sure if you've heard of it. But people who are from here or live here sure are pretty proud of it, and it's hard to understand why. I mean, sure, there are great restaurants, museums, stores, parks, and a first-rate library system, but what is there to really do? 

Well, in case you were ever looking for a reason to visit New York's most populous borough, here is a good one: the new 13-foot bronze Captain America statue that now stands proudly in Prospect Park. First unveiled at Comic Con in San Diego in honor of the character's 75th birthday, Cap has safely made it back "home" to Brooklyn, where he will make the rounds from Prospect Park to Barclay's Center to Sunset Park. 

Why is "home" in quotation marks, you ask? Well, apparently, the original character was actually from the Lower East Side in Manhattan. Only the MCU's version of Cap has him hailing from BK. But we'll forget about that small detail. No one ever reads the book when there's a movie anyway, right? 

Welcome home, Steve!

He's even taller in person!    Photo credit:

He's even taller in person!   Photo credit:

In person pictures to follow as soon as it's not 100 degrees outside! 

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