Olympic spoilers are the worst

It's not a spoiler to say that we live in an age of spoilers. 

Like you, I hate spoilers with a fiery passion. (This does not apply if you're the kind of monster who seeks out Internet rumors on purpose, like some people I know....)

Those medals are really just giant chocolates.   Photo credit: PBS.org

Those medals are really just giant chocolates.  Photo credit: PBS.org

By only watching movie trailers once and generally staying off social media around large events, I manage to avoid spoilers as much as possible. And look, I'm a reasonable guy. I'm firmly in the camp of if you haven't seen or heard or read whatever it is within a week or so of it coming out, you shouldn't be too upset that it gets spoiled for you. But we're also human beings and should have general respect for each other. It doesn't cost you anything to throw out a spoiler alert ahead of a review or a discussion of something. 

There's only one thing to say here, and that's: DANG.   Photo credit: upi.com

There's only one thing to say here, and that's: DANG.  Photo credit: upi.com

But apparently NBC didn't feel the same way, since they decided to announce the results of the women's gymnastics team all-around finals on their website at 4:30pm on Tuesday, despite it being presented in prime time later that evening. 

Then on Thursday, I made the mistake of checking my Apple News feed as I left work and had the results of the individual all-around spoiled. This may not seem like a big deal, but I remember watching live in 1996 when Kerri Strug beat out the reigning Russian champions by less than a point, all on a broken ankle no less.  These kinds of stories are the reason we watch the Olympics, and it's just not the same watching it when you know what's going to happen. 

So, I understand why spoilers exist, and I fully understand they're not going away soon, but...c'mon! It's the Olympics! Is nothing sacred? 

I know, I know...first world problems, right?

What have you had spoiled for you? Leave a comment and let me know. Just try not to, you know....spoil anything.