Sunday Preview: Wonder Woman

Okay, so as we all know, DC films aren't doing so hot. Man of Steel fell far short of the Superman mythos, and Batman V. Superman was....a mess. The upcoming Justice League film is already under fire for needing to change its tone or risk this whole enterprise crumbling on top of WB's heads. 

Thankfully, there's the upcoming Wonder Woman film, which is the first DC universe film to not be helmed by ruiner-in-chief Zack Snyder, instead directed actual woman! The first two trailers have looked pretty stellar, although they do still seem to be missing that lighthearted touch of Marvel. 

However, if rumors are to be disbelieved, director Patty Jenkins may be the one to right this sinking ship before it's too late. Right now, she's really their only hope. 

Check out the new trailer: