Sunday Preview: Lego Batman

In 2014's The Lego Movie, we got what was quite possibly the most realistic portrayal of Batman on the big screen, ever. 

Played for obvious laughs, Batman (voiced by Will Arnett) was a brooding egomaniac who listened to Death Metal and talked about how cool he was all the time. But the irony was, if Batman were a real character, he'd probably be much closer to that than anything we've seen in the recent films. 

And now, coming early next year, we get a full-length movie just for Lego Batman, which will allow for even more meta-commentary on the Batman mythos. Observe, in the trailer below, a news anchor imagining Batman going home from a night of crime fighting to celebrate surrounded by friends and models, only to see the hero heating up a microwaveable dinner to the sounds of "One (Is the Loneliest Number)" by Three Dog Night: 

The Lego Batman Movie is in theaters February 10.