Throwback Thursday: Double Dare

Today we focus on a very messy piece of childhood nostalgia: on this day, October 6, 1986, the Nickelodeon Game Show Double Dare premiered. 

It's hard to describe just what a legacy Double Dare has, suffice it to say: it was awesome. It was a bizarre mixture of quiz show and obstacle course with physical challenges that ranged from searching through giant plates of food, to climbing over walls into small bowls of food, to sliding down twisty slides into overlarge desserts.

The show was hosted by Marc Summers and ran for a whopping sevens seasons, including two ill-fated seasons during a reboot in 2000. But the show was so popular that it spawned several iterations, including Family Double Dare and the unfortunately named Super Sloppy Double Dare. 

Check out this clip to see all of the things I described above happen for real. I am not making this show up.

We miss you, Double Dare.