Brooklyn Heights will give you serious Halloween goals

If you want to see a genuine, over-the-top celebration of Halloween, and you don't live near Katy Perry, there's really no better place than Brooklyn Heights. 

I technically live in Downtown Brooklyn, but we have friends in Brooklyn Heights and last year we hung out on their stoop to pass out candy and I was floored by the amount of people who were out trick-or-treating and all of the amazing, colorful costumes. I went as the 11th Doctor from Doctor Who and was thrilled to run into this homemade Dalek costume: 

I was nervous standing so close, but confident I could take him if things went south. 

Yesterday, Katelyn and I walked home from church and viewed all of the fun decorations our neighborhood had to offer. 

Expertly carved jack-o-lanterns? Check.


They really need to call the exterminator. 


Sometimes, evil witches need a hug too. 


Caution: House of Scary. -Zombies -Vampires - Ghosts - Wiches - Evil Wisard - Poisen. Fair warning. Staying away!  

And the scariest of all:

Donald Trumpkin! Complete with spider's nest hair! 

You need to get more serious about Halloween, because I'm sure your neighborhood is slacking!