Here comes another one...

lol, get it?    Photo credit:

lol, get it?   Photo credit:

As if we're not all still nursing a hangover from the first presidential debate, the Vice Presidential debate is on tomorrow night. 

This year's first and only VP debate, between Virginia Senator Tim Kaine and Indiana Governor Mike Pence, will be featured on all major cable networks and C-SPAN starting at 9pm Eastern time and is expected to run a full 90 minutes. That is, if the candidates do a better job of not rambling than their counterparts. 

For those interested, here's an article on how the VP candidates differ from their running mates, which should give a helpful primer on the issues and personalities we'll see at tomorrow's big event. Since both VP candidates are actual politicians, hopefully we can look forward to some actual policy discussion. But only time will tell. 

In case you want another dose of humor, NPR Politics will be live fact-checking this debate also, so hopefully they'll provide another dose of hilariously mistyped quotes.  

In case you were wondering what recovery time will look like this time around, the second Presidential Debate is next Sunday night, Oct. 9, so not long! Cheers!