The Final Presidential Debate Calls for Yoga - WSJ
Source: Mike Sudal/The Wall Street Journal

Source: Mike Sudal/The Wall Street Journal

Just when you thought this year's Presidential election couldn't get any weirder, it suddenly did.

Election Tuesday is a mere 19 days away, but in this news cycle, that seems like an eternity. Who knows what can happen between now and then? Especially because tonight is the 3rd and final Presidential Debate, live in - where else? - Las Vegas. 

There are lots of ways one can cope with this year's political news, but many of them can be just as stressful a listening to Trump's 2005 hot mic video or watching Hillary get asked - again - about her emails. 

But now thanks to the Wall Street Journal, there's a healthy coping mechanism we can all employ: yoga. 

Because this year, you need to take care of yourself. You can bet that's what these candidates will be doing.