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Oh, hey. 

My name is Matt Grant, and I'm a writer.

I write about all kinds of things, from personal essays and investigative features to all forms of culture - books, movies and television

Need a copywriter or content marketer for your blog or website? Yep, I do that too!

As an editor for a book review, I need writers who are nimble, fresh, creative, and intelligent, who can meet deadlines, accept editorial criticism, and revise their work with polish and sensitivity. In short, I need a writer like Matt Grant.
— Joseph Salvatore, Books Editor, The Brooklyn Rail
Matt did a great job researching and understanding the industry of our business and intelligently creating the right language.
— Justin Shanks and Winston Wu, Founders, Restore Lending LLC
Matt has a wonderful way with words, transforming my jumbled ideas into clear, concise statements. I highly value his contribution as copy editor.
— Brittany Edwards, CEO, Sisterdo Haircare


Illustration by Giselle Potter

Illustration by Giselle Potter

In A swimming pool, learning to trust - LongReads

A swimming instructor for ten years, I learned the most from my most challenging student.


The 5 Biggest Archaeological Discoveries Of The Last Decade - Urbo

New Dead Sea Scrolls. A pyramid inside of a pyramid... inside of a pyramid. Archeologists are still finding stuff.


Twisted Logig: The Complicated Debate About ChiroPractors - Healthy Way

For my first article at, I researched the history and debate around chiropractic. 

Illustration by Alex Zivatar

Illustration by Alex Zivatar

10 Grilling Mistakes to Avoid at all costs - Urbo

For my first piece at, I got some great grilling tips from Project Smoke's Steven Raichlen.



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