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Joan Didion has some of my favorite words....these are hers. 

Joan Didion has some of my favorite words....these are hers. 

“In the beginning of the Bible, God used the power of words to literally speak the universe into existence. And I think that we often forget that, as image bearers of our creator, we are imbued with a similar ability – the things we say hold incredible power.”

Yesterday, I was privileged to preach my fourth-fourth!-sermon at Apostles Church Brooklyn. We're in a series called "Summer of Wisdom" from the Proverbs, and my topic - the topic I chose - was words. 

Proverbs has a lot to say about the power of speech and the tongue, and studying and preparing for this sermon helped reinforce my appreciation and love for words - both written and verbal. I am amazed at how ubiquitous words are and how easy it is to underestimate them and the power they hold over us and over other people.

While I am resolved to be more judicious in my speech, I'm ultimately thankful that due to the ultimate Word, all of the things that I've said in my life that hurt others has been paid for. To hear my full sermon, click here! 

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